Club Update 30

This coming Sunday is our final session for this year.

We will be having the club summer blitz tournament starting 5.30-7.30 for EVERYONE.

We will finish the chess around 7.15 and do the presentations including club player of the year, club most improved player and coaches award. Parents are most welcome to come in for this.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the events this weekend. Especially congratulations to Samiksha who won her section at the Gigafinal to qualify for the Terafinal, and to Aashita and Shri who came second and qualified for Terafinal challengers. These youngsters should inspire everyone at the club to want to achieve – obviously not everyone can win but we need to set our sites high. With a huge revamp in Junior chess coming to the county next season we want to see our club players playing a major part in county teams and club competitions and achieving well in individual competition.

Good luck to those taking part in the Grand Prix Elite tournament this Sunday as well.

Final reminder that if you want to rejoin then you need to apply by end of July. Thanks to every one who has so far – well over 30. The form is here: Leeds Junior Chess Club Renewal 2022-23 | Cognito Forms

Finally – there is a final interclub battle  for the season on lichess this Thursday – please join for 6pm to take part – all welcome.


Club Update 29


Thoughts at this time of year will be turning to next September and renewals. I will give everyone a link for signing up to next year over the next two weeks, with a view to having until the end of July to complete. All current members will get first option to re-sign for next year, but coaches will review progress and participation before making decisions on who we retain. After that we will open up to those on the current (long ) waiting list. 

We should also add to last week’s well  dones on Mega final success – two of our girls went to the Northumbria megafinal last weekend – Sofia won the U8 girls suprema and Samiksha the U10 girls.

This coming Sunday I won’t be at the club so Nick, David and Amanda will be looking after things – I have to attend exam standardising in Guilford (not chess related).

Finally just a request – if you have to wait in the car park (and people are welcome to use the hall if it is available to wait), then please don’t leave engines running – this is bad for the environment and will not endear us to the locals.


Club Update 28

Well done everyone who played in the megafinal on Sunday. Here are the highlights:

U8 Boys: Divith 3rd

U8 Girls: Hasana 1st

U10 Boys: Sri 2nd, Rehan 3rd

U10 Girls: Sienna 1st, Aashita 2nd

U12 Boys: Nathan 1st, Daniel M 2nd Shravan 3rd (Clean sweep!)

U14 Boys: Tamas 2nd, Milo 3rd

U18 Boys: Suhrith 3rd

So that’s a total of 12 players qualifying for the Giga finals!

Club is back on Sunday in two sessions again.


Club Update 27


Good luck to those playing in the megafinal this Sunday. Quick reminder it is Leeds Triathlon that day so be careful about road closures.

There is no meeting this Sunday due to the megafinal.

From September we will be moving to a different system for informing coaches about attendance and participation.

We will be using the Heja ap, which will allow people to indicate attendance at club or participation in an event at the tap of a screen. This will be a requirement of joining the club, as I can’t operate under the current system of not knowing what our numbers will be from one week to the next and kids just not participating in chess events when they are part of a high performing chess club.

The netball club I coach for use this ap all the time and it works! The Whatsap group will still be used for information and messages as well.



Club Update 26

We will be back at the club this Sunday for those that can make it – however if numbers are low we could potentially roll into one session.

So with this in mind please could you indicate no later than Friday at 6pm if you do not intend to come. Please do this via e-mail, text or WhatsApp.

I will then make a decision by 6pm Friday as to the format for Sunday’s meeting.

This Thursday there is an inter club battle on lichess at 6pm. If requesting to join the page for the first time you need to message me your lichess name as I won’t accept a join request for a name I do not know.

The mega final is now full for the 12th June. We have 17 players going.


Club Update 25

Well done everyone who took part in the Grand Prix event  on Sunday.

Notable performances:

Sahil 2nd Major

Zak (1st), Shravan (2nd) and Samiksha (3rd) swept the board in the Intermediates.

Rehan won the Minor.

The club meets as normal this Sunday.

A reminder that there is a junior event at Ilkley Grammar School on 21st May (not run by me) and The UKCC megafinal on June 12th in York.



Club Update 24


A reminder that the club does not meet this Sunday as it is the Grand prix Event 4 day.

Good to see we have 29 entries from the club – good luck to everyone.

Thanks to those who played in the Intercounty battle on Monday – Yorkshire came 4th in division 1 which was well clear of any relegation problems.



Club Update 23


We are back this Sunday in our usual two groups – 5-6.30pm and 6.30-8pm.

We have a couple of people transferring groups and some new starters – make sure all new starters to the Sunday group have paid any top up fees please.

There are two major junior events taking place in the summer term;

YJCA Grand Prix event 4 in York – enter here.

UK Chess Challenge Mega final in York – enter here.


Club Update 22

We finished last Sunday with the Easter Blitz -well done the winners. Vishnu won the Group 1 tournament and Alex won Group 2. The standard of chess was really good, especially in Group 1 and we saw big improvements from a lot of people in Group 2.

There will be some changes to the groups after Easter with some new starters in Group 2 and a couple of new additions in Group 1.

We now break for easter and dates for summer term are below.

I have also added events dates for the summer term so you can plan ahead. Please note there is an inter county battle on lichess on Monday at 6pm – link here.

Also thanks to all those who took part in the Thursday night event online – well done to Siddharth who won division 3 and Aashita who won division 2.


Summer term Sunday meetings:
April 24th
May 1st, 15th, 22nd
June 5th, 19th, 26th
July 3rd, 10th, 17th.


Inter county battles online:

April 4th, May2nd, June 6th, July 4th.

YJCA Grand Prix Event 4 (York) May 8th

UKCC Mega Final (York) June 12th.



Club Update 21

It’s good to have Nick back after his holiday coaching again.

Well done everyone who took par t on Saturday. Varun and Sahil cam 4th and 5th in the Major, Arnav came 2nd in the intermediate. Nathan Madzia won the Minor with Aashita 3rd.

Next event is May 8th in York. Don’t forget the UK Chess Challenge can also be entered now and is in York on June 12th.

Next Sunday is our final meeting before Easter. We will return on April 24th.

The dates for next term are on the website  -there will be 10 sessions.



Club Update 20

Thanks to the handful of players who played in the inter county battle on Monday – Yorkshire were promoted from division 2 in 2nd place so well done all.

On Sunday Group 2 and also the Wednesday newcomers’ group analysed rook and pawn end games. There are links to these on our learning area.

Group 1 analysed a game between Larson and Tal – I will put links to this and the worksheet on the learning area for those who missed it.

The level of analysis and engagement on the task is really good, but a couple of things. Group 1 tend to chat incessantly when playing rather than focus on their games and this needs to be cut out. Also on a general point any bad language will not be tolerated for 1 second and anyone using it will be asked to leave the club. Chess variants are not permitted unless asked to do. All these things are covered in our code of conduct on the website.

Thanks for your cooperation. Quick reminder grand prix event 3 is Saturday 19th March – you can enter on the Yorkshire Junior Chess website.

Also the UKCC mega final has been announced for Yorkshire in York on June 12th. Entry is now open and no qualification is required.


Club Update 19


We recommence after half term with usual Sunday meetings and the Wednesday group is back tomorrow.

Below is the March calendar.

Please enter the Grand prix event on 19th March which takes place in Holmfirth. Entry here.

Club Sunday meetings: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th.

Wednesday Group meetings: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th.

Yorkshire league Matches: 5th March.

Monday 7th March: Inter County battle on line here.

YJCA Grand Prix Event 3: March 19th.

Club Update 18

Thanks to all those who played in Hull on Saturday.

Pick of our results were: Sri Sasikumar (4) in the major winning U11 prize, Suhrith (4) in the major.

Intermediate: Arnav (1st), Sachin Ragu (2nd), Milo (3rd), Samiksha best U11.

Novice: Nathan Madzia winner.

It was a good day -76 took part and 20 from our club. Next competition is 19th March in Holmfirth – details here.

Club is taking a break over half term – next meeting March 6th (Sunday group).



Club Update 17

Last Sunday Group 2 had practice recording games and then we analysed some of them. Group 1 played through a famous game and analysed it. I have put the link to the game on the learning area of the website together with the worksheets and answers, so if anyone missed it they can catch up, or anyone who was there and wants to review it can do so.

Thanks to the handful who took part in the inter county battle last night – Yorkshire could only match 8th place which looks like relegation to division 2.

This Saturday is Grand Prix event 2 taking place in Hull. We have 18 players from the club playing in the 72 player entry. This represents a third of our membership. Good luck to everyone who is playing across the 4 sections.

This Thursday is round 3 of the Thursday night competition so please look out for the draw mailed on Wednesday.


Club Update 16

What a good evening we had on Sunday with the simuls. A great way for the coaches to assess everyone’s play, but also I feel instructive for the players. The levels of concentration were very high from both groups and there was some good chess played. Prize winners: Against David: Olivia. Against Amanda: Whoever beat her - she wasn't sure of your name so please identify yourself! Against John: Milo. Against Ernest: Aditya. Well done!

Below is the February Calendar.

As a club organizer I will pass on details of other competitions to you. For queries please contact the organisers of those competitions and not me. I have attached details of a competition, but again I am not organizing it so any queries contact Jo Hutchinson.

You may have noticed from whatsapp messages that I have become frustrated by two things. Firstly is the poor attendance at club nights. Covid and other illness aside, attendance is expected, and commitment to something is as important a discipline as the chess itself- probably more important. Secondly, is the lack participation in chess events. I set this club up over 15 years ago to raise the standard of chess and create a safe space for youngsters to receive coaching and meet like minded enthusiasts. It was never intended to be a social club where they indulge a mild interest once a week. While we have a handful of real enthusiasts who are entering competitions and commit to teams, the majority don’t. This is not the sort of club I am interested in running, so there will be changes for next September. It is great for the ego when people ask me how many children we have, and I say 67 and they gasp, but the reality is I would rather have a club of 30 or so youngsters who really want to participate in chess. So please have a think about this and why you are coming.

Club Update 15


A much reduced attendance on Sunday for one reason or another, but I have put links to the games covered with group one and the problems covered with group 2 on the learning area.

This coming Sunday will be ‘simul night’ with Ernest doing a simul with our top ten ranked players and the other coaches with everyone else. Best games will win prizes.

Yorkshire league matches – players are needed for Saturday 5th February for Alwoodley B v Alwoodley C at Alwoodley (2.30pm). Please advise of available asap.

This Thursday is round 2 of the Thursday night competition and the draw will be mailed tomorrow.

Mask wearing will remain in place at the club certainly for next week – we will keep the situation under review all the time, but with two positive tests for players who attended last Sunday this seems very wise.

Finally I have been asked about Junior 4NCL over the board congresses – link here.

I am not able to commit to organizing these weekends, but if anyone wanted to take this on I have no objection.


Club Update 14

Thanks to everyone who played Yorkshire League at the weekend – some great results from our juniors. Also thanks to all who played in the Thursday night Swiss. It’s not too late to join in this competition with entry from here. Next round 27th.

There has been a change of date for the Yorkshire league fixture for Alwoodley B v Alwoodley C to February 5th and I will be looking for players for this match.

Don’t forget Grand Prix Event 2 is not far away (Feb 12th) in Hull with entry here.



Club Update 13

It was good to be back on Sunday and great attendance from Group 1 as well.

I am still needing group 1 players for this Saturday’s matches  - Alwoodley B are away to Ilkley Dragons and Alwoodley C at home to Ilkley Knights. (both 2.30pm) Some juniors said to me in person they could play but I need confirmation from parents – no need to reply if you have already said yes by e-mail or WhatsApp. I need replies by the end of today.

Also today is the last sign up day for the Thursday night competition – we have had a great response from all round Yorkshire (and beyond) for this, but less than half the club. Sign up form is here: Cognito Forms

The draw for the competition will be mailed out tomorrow and there will also be a dedicated page on the website for pairings, results and links to games.

Club Update 12

Happy new year to all members and their parents.

The club meetings resume on Sunday 9th. Please continue with mask wearing for all youngsters (unless exempt by agreement).

In addition we will be running a competition on alternate Thursdays starting on the 13th January. This will be a 6 round tournament, with one round every two weeks with the game 20 minutes  + 5 second increments. The draw will be issued 2 days before the round and white will challenge black at 6pm on the day.

I will issue a separate e-mail for sign up. Matches will be on lichess – please make sure you have an account. There will be 2 ability groups at least, possibly three if enough players.

This event will replace any other Thursday activities as we are trying to steer away from quick chess. However games shouldn’t last more than an hour so once every two weeks should not impact school studies. I will be inviting wider competition from outside the club as well.

Below is the calendar for January.

January Calendar:

Meeting Dates

Sunday January 9th First Club meetings

Sunday January 16th Club meetings

Sunday January 23th Club meetings

Sunday January 30th  Club meetings

Other event dates:

Thursday 13th January Online club matches round 1 - all

Saturday 15th January Yorkshire league matches (2.30pm at Alwoodley) -selected players

Thursday 27th online club matches round 2 – all

January 29th Yorkshire league matches (2.30pm at Alwoodley)  - selected players


Club Update 11

We have come to the end of our meetings for this term. Well done to Andrew Teh, Sienna Xu, Dexter Dalgleish and Nathan Lou-Davey who attended all 12 sessions!

Tonight we have an inter club battle on lichess at 6pm – all welcome.

After Christmas we will be starting a new online competition on a Thursday to get away from 5 and 10 minute chess. I will release details of this shortly, but it will be between 6 and 7pm on a Thursday to replace junior 4NCL and interclub matches.

The first meetings after Christmas will be January 9th and all the dates for next term are on the website.

The coaching team wish all our club members and parents a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Club Update 10


This Sunday will be the last meeting for this term. Each group will have a Christmas blitz tournament with prizes.

Thanks to all juniors who played in the Yorkshire league last Saturday – wins for Yael, Narita, Zak and Shriaansh proved a very successful day – well done all. Also thanks to all those who played in the Inter County battle on Monday – Yorkshire were 6th so midtable in division 1.

The dates for next term are already on the website with first meetings on January 9th. Next week I will let you know what our plans are for Thursday evenings. Although a couple of players were very positive about continuing in the junior 4 NCL I got very little other feedback and on the whole we feel it is more effort than reward. We are planning a possible joint competition with York players which will be easier to organise and access.

I will also make a final decision about the logo (again not many offers here but a few) and we will get some LJCC clothing done!


Club Update 9

Well done everyone who made it to the Grand prix event on Saturday despite the snow. Congratulation to Suhrith – he won the major against some tough competition. Samiksha was awarded best girl in the tournament and there were strong performances from Narita and Daniel in the Intermediate section. Aashita won the trophy for 3rd place in the Minor with medals for Dexter and Andrew Teh. Miya also won a medal in her first competition in the Novice section.

This Thursday we have an interclub battle on lichess at 6pm – all welcome, and we have a few youngsters playing in the Yorkshire League on Saturday.

Here is the December calendar:

Thursday December 2nd: Interclub battle on lichess.

Saturday December 4th: Yorkshire league fixtures

Sunday December 5th: Club meets

Monday December 6th: Intercounty battle on lichess.

Sunday December 12th: Last club meeting – Christmas competitions.




Club Update 8

Very high quality session with group 1 on Sunday. Nick is getting everyone to really think about positions, analyse and understand they are not black and white in terms of advantage.

We had 8 juniors playing in the Yorkshire League on Saturday for all three Alwoodley teams. Unfortunately only 1 win so work to do, but these experiences will only strengthen play.

Interclub battle online on Thursday at 6pm.

Junior 4 ncl online season 4 is now done. Both teams 1 and 2 finished 4th in their groups of 8, and the positions of teams 3,4 and 5 were 11th, 17th and 18th out of 55 teams in their division.

We are now reviewing whether to enter this next time, or replace it with a more local competition between 6 and 7pm on a Thursday that requires less administration and may get away from 10 minute chess.

The Grand Prix event 1 is  a week on Saturday!  Still only 20 entries from this club.

A note about attendance. We had 7 ‘no shows’ on Sunday – ie people who didn’t attend and didn’t let us know. The club requirement is 60% attendance in a term and participation more widely in chess (Yorkshire or Leeds League, Grand Prix, Congresses you enter yourself, or failing any of that online events at least such as junior 4ncl/interclub/).  

Please let us know if not attending and if you want to discuss how you can participate more widely please contact me to discuss.

Club Update 7

Club meetings resume next Sunday 7th at the usual times.

I have produced the November calendar below and on the website.

Last Thursday our Junior 4NCL teams had victories for teams 1 and 5, draws for teams 2 and 3 and a loss for team 4. The previous week we had a good 19 player turn out for the inter club battle and won division 2, so that means we are back in division 1 this week. Let’s aim to stay there! This is 6pm on lichess. Also thanks to everyone who played in the intercounty battle last night – Yorkshire came 6th in division 1.

We has three juniors playing for Alwoodley last Wednesday in the Leeds league with Yael winning on her debut – well done!

Looking forward the Grand prix event is approaching on November 27th which is only three weeks on Saturday. Good to report we have 13 players from the club entered at the moment, but out of 60 we can do a lot better. Half the places are filled for this event, so if you leaving it late to enter – don’t. Leeds players don’t get preferential treatment.



Club Update 6

The club takes a break for half term for the next two Sundays. Next meetings are November 7th.

This Thursday there is an inter club battle on lichess at 6pm. We were relegated last time so it would be good if we could go for promotion back to division 1. Everyone can play. If you are not on our team page please can you join before Thursday – I won’t be available for last minute join requests.

My usual reminder that the first Grand Prix event of the season is only 5 weeks away on November 27th – get signed up asap as this event may sell out. Date for the diary – event 2 will be on February 12th in Hull.

Last Saturday we had 8 juniors who took part in Yorkshire League matches and I am pleased to say 4 won their matches – well done everyone. Last Thursday in the junior 4NCL online 4 of our teams won and one drew so very successful evening – again well done all.

Have a good half term everyone.


Club Update 5

Junior 4NCL online teams back in action this Thursday at 6pm and on Saturday we have 8 players taking part in Yorkshire League matches -good luck everyone.

Disappointing relegation form Division 1 last Monday in the interclub battle.

Club meets this Sunday as normal before the half term break.

I am considering getting club hoodies! However I want a decent logo for the club. If anyone has the expertise to design one on can find one online they think would be good let me know.




Club Update 4

We had 11 of our members playing Yorkshire League chess this Saturday, with some playing 2-3+ hours for one game which is great to see. I have put two of the games on our games page that we also went through at the club with group 1. Thanks to the handful that took part in the inter-county battle last night, and I hope we have a few more for the interclub battle this Thursday at 6pm on our team page on lichess. I did send a Whatsapp reminder yesterday but as we know it wasn’t functioning.

I do need to push the point that we expect our members to be playing chess in the world otherwise the club is pointless, so while we have a clutch of players that can’t get enough and play in everything, we have a number that play very little outside our meetings on Sunday, which are primarily for training.

The next Yorkshire league opportunity is Saturday 16th October with Alwoodley B away to ilkley and Alwoodley C at home to Harrogate. Please let me know if available asap (2.30pm start – one long game).

Please can I also push the first Grand Prix event on November 27th.


Club Update 3

I am still short of 1 junior player for the Yorkshire League this Saturday (2.30pm at Alwoodley).

This is 1 long game and will suit those wanting to gain experience of long play chess – not for very new players but anyone else please let me know if interested.


Thanks to all who played ay Ilkley last Saturday – a great 16-2 success and an enjoyable experience for all.

Thank you also to all those who played in the inter club battle on lichess – we came third in division 1 but I feel we should be able to manage more than 10 players! This is open to everyone. Please join out team on lichess. Next battle is Thursday 7th October.

I will put the October calendar on the website as well.

Coming Up

Junior 4 NCL online teams in action this Thursday.

Inter County Battle Monday 4th October 6pm on lichess: Yorkshire Junior Chess Association • (all welcome!)

Date for the diary:

The first Grand Prix event of the season OVER THE BOARD will be on November 27th at Queen Margaret’s school at Escrick near York. There will be sections for all standards. Further details to come very soon.


Attendance was 68% last Sunday. Please let us know (well in advance) if not attending. Most did and we appreciate that, but there were still’ no shows’.

Club Update 2

Coming up this week:
Thursday 6pm Inter club Battle at 6pm on lichess. Everyone is welcome and the more the better please.

Saturday 1pm – match with Ilkley Juniors Over The board (selected teams).

Sunday club meets. Please advise any absences before the club.

Congratulations to coach David – he has become a father for the first time  - baby Eden born last Thursday – all doing well.


Our junior 4NCL teams were in action last Thursday – wins for teams 1 and 3, a draw for team 4 and defeats for teams 2 and 5. Thanks to everyone who played. Next matches on 30th September.

Saturday October 2nd is the first Yorkshire League fixtures. This should be a given for all our better players or those aspiring to be so. Please could those who received an e-mail about it respond asap now – thank you.

Well done to those who played in the tera final challengers at the weekend – please let us know how you got on.


Club Update 1

Weekly updates are back!

It was so good to be back last Sunday. Good to see new faces, as well as familiar ones. The two session format went well – I hope the hall will be available for waiting on most occasions but sometimes there are events going on. Please can you let us know in advance if not attending so we can organise better.

This Thursday is Junior 4NCL round 3 for those involved (6pm).

Also back are inter club battles on Thursdays when there is no Junior 4NCL – so first one is 23rd (6pm on lichess).

The calendar for the rest of the month is below. Please could any new members who are not on the club page on lichess join the club page: Leeds Junior Chess Club •

Also if anyone is not yet on the whatsap group the link is:


Thursday September 16th: Junior 4NCL at 6pm Online

Sunday September 19th: Club meets

Thursday September 23rd: Inter club battle on liches 6pm.

Saturday September 25th at 1pm: friendly match OTB v Ilkley Juniors.

Sunday September 26th: Club meets

Thursday September 30th: Junior 4NCL at 6pm Online




Arrangements for the coming term


I know many of you have been asking for these details but I have had to chase up payments so I could know final numbers and make sensible decisions about how the club operates this term.

The first date back will be September 12th. For those who are new we meet at Alwoodley Community Centre, The Avenue, Leeds, LS17 7NZ.

Children in group 2 will meet 5-6.30pm.

Children in group 1 will meet 6.30-8pm.


Please come to the tennis court end to enter through that door, not the main door.

Please collect from the main door. Children in the 6.30pm group won’t be allowed in until all the children from the earlier group have vacated the room using this one way system.

Parents are welcome to wait in the hall. If there is an event in the hall you may be able to use the lounge but I will confirm that.

All children should wear face coverings to ensure the safety of everyone. Hands will be sanitised on the way in and out. I have plenty of coverings available if they forget. Please could all children be tested (I assume they will be at school) before they attend and if they test positive stay away. I am not going to ask for proof as I know you will all be responsible – thank you.

This information, together with the days of all our meetings, will be on the website – so if you forget anything or are not sure that is a good place to go.

The groups for September are below,  although anyone in group 2 could be asked to attend group 1 in the future if we felt it appropriate.

After everything, we are really excited to be back – let’s hope it lasts.

Who is in which group - download here.


Summer Update

Thanks to all players who played Junior 4NCL last night – 3 teams lost and 2 won (specifically teams 4 and 5 won).

Please can I remind those who haven’t paid yet that club fees are due by end of August thank you.

Two events coming up: Firstly we have an online challenge from a team in China, to take place Sunday 29th August at 10am (to suit both sides). I am looking for 6 players for this (time will be 10+5 – two games).

Secondly – over the board on September 25th at 1pm against Ilkley Juniors in Ilkley – looking for 9 players and aimed at our newer less experienced players (2 games per player at 25 mins each).

I will ask again early next week – but if anyone would like to get their names down now please let me know.