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Members' Games

Interesting game between Daniel and Thabiso in the Yorkshire League. 

Yael v Robert South from Yorkshire League Alwoodley B v C. An epic game lasting 3 hours. A brave attempt by Yael which didn't pay off in the end.

Game by Vishnu about which he says: I thought that this was a good game because I used a tactic in the opening that gave me a defining advantage right from the start. Even though i flagged my opponent it was still a nice game due to the fact that I used my own time to prep this trap against caro kann players.

Our first online match v York - the game that clinched victory for us. Angelica v Bradley Triffitt. Victory for the Grand Prix attack!!

A really good hold from Suhrith Yerabati to get a vital draw against York against Max Parkhouse. 

Angelica Rowe played for Alwoodley B v Alwoodley C recently. She caught her opponent offguard with a surprise attack on f7. He didn't know the defence (Nh6) so got into all sorts of trouble.

Here is a game from our first online tournament played between our coach David Pedro and a member.

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