Alwoodley B and C  Fixtures in the Yorkshire League (senior players)

5th October: Alwoodley B v Alwoodley C

19th October: Dewsbury v Alwoodley B, Bradford B v Alwoodley C

16th November: Alwoodley C v Alwoodley B

30th November: Alwoodley B v Dewsbury, Alwoodley C v Bradford B

1st February: Alwoodley C v Dewsbury, Harrogate C v Alwoodley B

15th February: Bradford B v Alwoodley B, Alwoodley C v Wakefield B

7th March: Alwoodley C v Harrogate C, Alwoodley B v Wakefield B

21st March: Alwoodley B v Bradford B, Wakefield B v Harrogate C

4th April: Dewsbury v Alwoodley C

Alwoodley B v Harrogate C

18th April: Harrogate C v Alwoodley C, Wakefield B v Alwoodley B.

Yorkshire Junior Chess Grand Prix Tournaments:

Leeds Junior Congress 2019 November 30th.

York Junior Congress 2020 January 18th.

Hull Junior Congress 2020 February 22nd.

Wakefield Junior Congress 2020 April 26th.


Other Events

Yorkshire Junior Chess Day: 28th September 2019

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