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Welcome to our learning area. Here areas we cover in the club can be reviewed.

Game Study at the club - link to game (Anand v Rogers 1990) studied  here.
We tried to predict the next move for white and here were the points awarded for correct predictions - sheet download.
Here is a summary of traps in the London sysytem that Nick introduced to Group 2.

Group 1 studied this game between Pechac and Tabatabaei as an example of how to fight when material down.
Download here with comments.
Observe the game here.

Pin to win - Group 2 explored how pins can be so powerful. Here are three we studied.
The answers are here.
Here are three more we studied. 
Here are the answers

Game Analysis - Tal v Larson.
Worksheet answers
Play through the game

Game analysis for group 1 - game we analysed with question and answer sheet.
Game link
Question sheet
Answer Sheet

Ernest came to talk through two games:
1) English opening - click to link to the game.
2) Smith -Morra Gambit - click to link.

Three tricky positions we asked Group 2 to anayse - can you choose the best move?

Rook Mates patterns 1

Rook Mates patterns 2
Mating patterns with Knight and Queen
Mating patterns with Bishop and Queen

London System Set up

Urusov Gambit Basic Set Up
Urusov Gambit Trap 1
Urusov Gambit Trap 2
Urusov Gambit Example Game 1
Urusov Gambit Example Game 2
Urusov Gambit Example Game 3
Urusov Gambit Example Game 4
Urusov Gambit Example Game 5

Essential Rook and Pawn endings part 1.

Essential Rook and Pawn endings part 2.

Check mate with 2 bishops - watch video.
Some common opening traps and training games.
Petrov's opening
Fried Liver
Morra Gambit
Philador's Defence
Lasker Trap
Smothered Mate
Stonewall Disaster

Sicilian Basics download

Caro Kann
Download Caro Kann defence
Watch a video on Caro Kann

Mates in two
Download puzzles
Download answers
Practice common endings on lichess

Common Opening Mistakes - attacking too early. Download games here.

Great game from history - video by Nick Nixon.
Morphy v Duke of Brunswick.
Great game from history 2 - video by Nick Nixon. Morphy v Poulson.
Cheap attack - why you should develop pieces and not go for a quick win.


London System.jpg

More members games on the the games' page here.

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