Club Awards 2022.


Player of the Year: Srivathsan Sasikumar

Most Improved Player: Zak Lipman

Coaches Special Award: Milo Green


Summer Blitz: 1st Andreas, 2nd Sri, 3rd Nathan M, Best Group 2 player Olivia.


Succes at the Gigfinals!

Samiksha wins U10 girls.

Sri 2nd U9 Boys

Aashita 2nd U9 Girls









Great results at the UK Chess Challenge megafinal:

York results:

U8 Boys: Divith 3rd

U8 Girls: Hasana 1st (Hasan aslo won at Nottingham as well!)

U10 Boys: Sri 2nd, Rehan 3rd

U10 Girls: Sienna 1st, Aashita 2nd

U12 Boys: Nathan 1st, Daniel M 2nd Shravan 3rd (Clean sweep!)

U14 Boys: Tamas 2nd, Milo 3rd

U18 Boys: Suhrith 3rd

Northumbria Results:

U8 Girls Suprema: Sofia

U10 girls Suprema Samiksha

So that’s a total of 14players qualifying for the Giga finals!

Some Great Results in Grand Prix Event 4 at York.

Clean sweep in the Intermediate section! 1st Zak Lipman, 2nd Shravan, 3rd Samiksha.

Rehan Kumar won the Minor.

Here are pictures of some of our match ups on the day.























Easter Blitz winners:

Group 1 Vishnu Vadlamani

Group 2: Alex Oxley


Thursday Swiss:

Division 2 winner: Aashita Roychoudhury

Division 3 winner: Siddharth Vineeth

Club simuls: Best player against Ernest: Aditya Kishnan

Against Amanda: Sanath

Against John: Milo Green

Against David: Olivia Roebuck.

Well played all (and the coaches too!).






















We are the highest performing club in Yorkshire in the UK Chess challenge 2021!















Team finishes in the junior 4NC1 online can be viewed for teams 1 and 2 here and teams 3,4 and 5 here. Thanks to the whole squad for taking part.



11 of our juniors played Yorkshire League Chess last Saturday and there were some fantastic games. Well done Shriaansh and Angelica who played for the Alwoodley A team and got draws away to Hull.

The Alwoodley B and C teams were made up of mainly juniors. Two of the games can be viewed here.








Leeds Juniors played and Over The Board match against Ilkley Juniors on Saturday 25th September. We took a relatively inexperienced team but they performed really well  - showing they have been taking on board coaching and all looked really sharp. In the end a 16-2 win for us but it was just great to be back competing physically. Picture gallery here.




Club Awards 2021: Congratulations to:

Player of the year: Jael de Sousa Muachikape

Most Improved Player: Sienna Xu

Coaches Special Award: Navaneeth Sasikumar


Team 1 win their divisional final! Congratulations Jael, Aditya, Angelica and Navaneeth on an unbeaten season! Here they are with the trophy!













Team 1 reach Junior 4NCL Divisional Final (out of 32 teams)! Team 2 lose in the semi-final but are still promoted!


YJCA Championships

Varun Runner up and U14 Champion.

Sri U8 Champion

Rithvik U12 Champion

Suhrith U14 Champion

Grand Prix Elite winner! - well done Jael who wins the elite tournament in an exciting finish, with Agamya top girl and Sahil best U11. Great work.


Grand Prix T5

Roll of honour: Major winner Jael, 3rd Varun

Intermediate 2nd Vishnu

So for the Grand Prix overall:

Winner: Varun, 2nd Jael, U12 Winner Rithvik, U9 winner Sahil, U7 winner Sri, U10 winner Shravan.

So overall we have 10 qualifiers for the Elite event on March 20th.


Inter club team battle - we gain promotion to division one! Link to results here.


Link to article in the New Statesman where John was interviewed here.



Grand Prix Online event 2: Jael wins the major, with Varun second and Agamya third - yes that's the top 3! Rithvik wins the Intermedate with Sahil 3rd, and George wins the Starter section - so yes we won all three sections!! Pictures of some of our winners are here.



Grand Prix Online event 1: Agamya 3rd place in the Major, Varun wins Intermediate with Rithvik Second and George takes 3rd place in the Starter section. Great performances.


Great work by our girls:

Angelica finishes 3rd (of 80) in the 'She Plays to Win' tournament. Samiksha gets BEST GIRL in the under 8 Tera Final!! (See gallery for picture). Agamya is second best girl in U18 Tera Final (8 girls in the section  - 4 from our club!)

Player of the year Angelica reaches final five of 'She Plays to Win' tournament from 80 players with this crushing win.


Club awards announced for 2021.

Player of the Year: Angelica Rowe

Coaches Special Award: Rithvik Gururaj

Most Improved Player: Suhrith Yerabati

Long Service Award: Sara Hussain

Below Right: Rithvik and the Special Award


Below Left: Our player of the year Angelica.

Below Middle: Most improved player Suhrith Yerabati

Below Far right: Long Service Award Sara Hussain










Three way match against York and Offenbach ends Offenbach 8.5, York 5.5, Leeds 4. Disappointing result but some great games. Download all results and links to Leeds' games here.


In a historic online match Leeds Junior Chess Club played Offenbach juniors from Germany in a 10 board match. A tense encounter - it ended 5-5!! Time control was 45 mins.

Download results here.



Our return match v York is a sensational 9-1 win!

See a selection of the games here.


Our first ever online match against York Juniors ends with narrowest of wins! 5.5-4.5.

Download full results here.

See some games here.


Club is now on line at Lichess!

Make a lichess account for free, go to community - teams and search Leeds, and ask to join the team.



Christmas Blitz winners:

Beginners' Group: Sahil Agrawal

Senior Group: Aditya Krishnan

Beginners' Group Results download here

Senior Group Results Download here


Well done to Samiksha who has qualified for the London Junior Chess Championships!






Fabulous performance by Samiksha at the English Girls Chess Championships!  (3.5/6 in the Under 9 section) Results link







































junior 4ncl.jpg
ukcc award.jpg

Congratulations to Hasana! Under 8 suprema at the Nottingham Mega Final!

Aashita giga final.jpeg
sri giga final.jpeg
samiksha giga final.jpeg